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Parts of the Window


The titlebar includes the viewer9 version so there is no need to go looking for the version number and it is included in screen captures as viewer9 rapidly evolves.

Address Box

Below the titlebar is the address box which holds a unique address for the current page. This is not meant to normally be modified, but copy/paste can be used to return to a particular page. Ctrl+L sets focus.

Command Box

Below the address box is the command box where queries and other commands are entered (see also: Commands). Ctrl+K sets focus.

Navigation buttons

To the left of the address box are the Back and Forward buttons with shortcut keys of Alt+Left and Alt+Right.

For an event list view or a single event view there are previous/next buttons at the far right below the command box. In the event list, these are for the previous/next page and in the event view, the previous/next event. In a highlight query, two additional (darker) buttons will be present for previous/next highlight (see Highlight Queries). All these buttons have keyboard shortcuts shown by hovering the mouse over them.


When viewing a list of events within a capture file, a slider control below the previous/next buttons allows rapid navigation throughout the file.

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